Covet of the Bikini body

I refuse to admit that my desire to a slim body has been brought about by the media


So, since i started using tumblr i’ve noticed that the tag ‘bikini body’ comes up a lot on my feed and its funny because we were having a discussion in class about this and the interesting opinion came up that this is  wrong, that there’s pressure on girls to have the perfect body, and how tumblr is flooded with girls coveting this ‘bikini body’. Again, it’s an opinion and a very valid one at that, but when we were talking about this, i tried to agree with what was being said but i couldn’t help but think ‘wow, i am one of those girls.’ But then again the likelihood of me being the only person in the class after a bikini body was literally nil – or was that me just trying to console myself, i don’t know. After listening to that conversation, I narrowed it all down to two influences, the pressure of the media on women to perfect, and/or, the pressure that women place on each other and themselves. I think if i want to lose weight and tone up, why is that a bad thing? why should anybody be worried about that? If you think about it this way, you wouldn’t be worried about anyone if they wore make-up. We all know how the media portrays models. Or if we look at it from a life threatening perspective, you wouldn’t be worried about someone if they stopped smoking just because of what the media says? You are the one who has walk around in your body all day, you’re the one who’ll be suffering with all the diseases that come with not looking after your body, nobody else – that’s how i think about it, wanting to be slim/slimmer is simply wanting to be fit and looking after yourself.


I then carried on this conversation with a friend who pointed out that not everybody will go about getting this perfect body the healthy way and that this is probably the concern of most. Fair enough – but i know that if you starve yourself, your body goes into a shock mode that means that it’ll hold onto fat and glucose cells because it doesn’t know when it’ll next receive food. I don’t even know how people purge,i know that if i miss one meal, i get headaches and start to feel drowsy. Subconsciously, i’ve trained by body to know when it’s time to eat and when it isn’t. So when i try to achieve this ‘body’ the only way i can go about it is the healthy way, it’s just i’m lazy (and also it’s hard). A lot of people tell me that it’s important not to take on diets too soon especially during this stage because i’m still growing and if i   do end up with any severe deficiencies, they could lead to illnesses and growth stunts.

So, all the reasons against getting the perfect bikini body somehow outweigh those that support it – so why do i still do it? why does anyone do it? When you think of the perfect body, generally you think curves, toned abs and legs etc etc. But why is this my description and not any other. It’s because i’m surrounded by these pictures – my friend finally got me to admit it

the reason i covet the bikini body is because it’s what i’ve been told by the media

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