Pointed oxfords

As promised another post on my shoe craze. It’s got ┬áto the point where i buy a pair, wear them and then buy a new pair. But more posts for the blog!! as… Continue reading

Navy Loafers

I bought these a while ago actually. They originally were meant to be something smart for my work experience but since then I have been wearing them none stop. This pointed-toe trend has… Continue reading

numero ocho

numero ocho by teddy-12 featuring Topshop


I don’t know where to begin! I’ve definitely said to many times on here that my main fashion inspo is tumblr. But i was searching Sheinside for a new scarf and i came… Continue reading

Minimal Fashion

I actually think i’m obsessed with Tumblr, i just can’t get even of all the fashion inspo. It’s thanks to tumblr and bloggers like vo-ogue that my style has changed completely. Quick update,… Continue reading

Grey Colour show

From my Julep feature, i think you can tell how overly excited i get when it comes to nail varnish – any spare change – spare money on the account – all goes… Continue reading


The previous posts have mostly been a combination of mood boards and new items but this one is an actual fashion post – Spring summer 2015, such a distant though i know. But… Continue reading


Having never really been into the whole ‘full-cake make-up’, the one thing i’ve always been completely and utterly in love with is nail varnishes. I collect them as though my life depends on… Continue reading

Autumn Wishlist

Autumn Wishlist by teddy-12 featuring a v neck sweater So i’ve just completed 2 full weeks of college/ sixth form, i can’t fully say i’ve got the hang of everything but i’m still… Continue reading

My Bae Bag

A very deceiving title i know :D I recently bought a bag, not even recently about 4-5 weeks ago, and i thought i’d review it. I actually first saw on Idressmyself by Yanin,… Continue reading

Bestie’s B-day

I really don’t know what’s happening, i’m just totally being drawn to black! I never used to be, i was all bright flowers and small pink backpack (although i’ve definitely kept the flowers).… Continue reading


I haven’t been on here for the longest time, and there’s no excuse this time. But one thing i can say, results came out and despite the initial shock and confused feelings, i… Continue reading