Bestie’s B-day

I really don’t know what’s happening, i’m just totally being drawn to black! I never used to be, i was all bright flowers and small pink backpack (although i’ve definitely kept the flowers).… Continue reading


I haven’t been on here for the longest time, and there’s no excuse this time. But one thing i can say, results came out and despite the initial shock and confused feelings, i… Continue reading

The Summer So Far…

These past 6 weeks or so, have been absolutely amazing, i’ve had a long, hard rest and now that i have only 3 weeks left (wow time goes so fast), i intend to… Continue reading

Prom and such events…

So besides my awfully busy summer holidays (even i can’t convince myself), as you may know, i’ve spent the first 3 weeks of the extra long summer holidays planning my Prom or NRA/… Continue reading

A blogger’s Tribute

Below are some of my favourite blogs and some of their founders. These all are literally my daily reads and inspire me immensely in the not just the content of my blog but… Continue reading

Art Exhibition

  Since my exams are all over and done with, i promised myself to make sure what could be the longest holiday of my life (until retirement), 10 week holiday that is, to… Continue reading

Berlin street style

One of my all time favourite fashion bloggers has to be Sammi from Beauty Crush. I’ve been watching a lot of her videos lately, her last being some of her style inspirations. I… Continue reading

ASOS site is Down!!!!

So it is officially prom season here in the UK and i have been searching for a dress since the beginning of the year and you would think that i have one by… Continue reading

Topshop Slip-ons

Quick update on some summer loves. These sunglasses i’ve had since the start of winter after i promised myself to be more confident in my fashion choices – so with that in mind,… Continue reading


So can we just talk about topshop for a second – so you all know that i’ve loved topshop since forever but i never bought a lot of stuff from them. Number one… Continue reading

Paul Fredrick

I was lucky enough to be contacted by the content coordinator, Valerie, at Paul Fredrick. She told me about their brand new summer 2014 collection and she sent me a few lookbook photos… Continue reading

The City That Never Sleeps – Fashion Challenge!!

So today, i reveal the cause of my excitement over the last week. I was contacted by a Lovely Lady named Kendra Thornton and she informed me of a style challenge/competition (if you… Continue reading