Skin Care

Lately i’ve started watching loads of skin care youtube videos and make-up videos on youtube – i’ve been inspired to do my own post. The only thing is that i’m not so much… Continue reading

2 Years A blogger!!!

so seriously, it’s been ridiculously long since i posted on here and soooo much has happened. Coursework has just been hanging over my head pretty much since the start of the year and… Continue reading


So i make mood boards really often but i thought i had to up some of these things. My style seems to be changing literally every other day. But since i’ve recently some… Continue reading

Random Favourites

Noramlly when i do a ‘Favourites’ it’s usually a compilation/moodboard thing with polyvore – but today i just decided to pick out a few things i owned and show them to you. So… Continue reading



Covet of the Bikini body

Covet of the Bikini body.

Covet of the Bikini body

I refuse to admit that my desire to a slim body has been brought about by the media So, since i started using tumblr i’ve noticed that the tag ‘bikini body’ comes up… Continue reading

My Tumblr Tangent

i started using Tumblr a few weeks ago and i am absolutely obsessed. I don’t know what is about reflagging pictures that’s just so fun, bit sad really. But anyway, my silence has… Continue reading

The White Pepper

  The white pepper is a shop I found of asos marketplace a while ago and they’ve become so successful and have now started an official online shop. I actually think it’s becoming… Continue reading


It’s been stress, absolute stress lately – not so much the workload but just the thought of the exams only 4 months away, if that! Anyway, i made this on polyvore a few… Continue reading

Flowers on My window

My mother bought me some flowers for my room and i got a bit bored and the camera was just there so …


so I made a moodboard a few days ago and it originally started out as just a board for Motel Rocks (which it mostly is), but I just had to get the topshop… Continue reading